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SensoPart concentrates on the development, production and marketing of optoelectronic sensors and image-processing vision sensors for factory automation. We also offer inductive and ultrasonic sensors. Our products are used in numerous applications and sectors from automotive and machine construction, through the electronics and solar industries, to the food and pharmaceutical industries. 

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Autonics is a leading provider of automation solutions from South Korea. We develop and manufacture a wide range of automation products which are marketed worldwide. Our core products include various sensors, controllers, motion devices, measuring equipment, laser marking systems, connection equipment and more. Our products are trusted and adopted by engineers in various industrial applications and our technology is widely applied in day-to-day automation devices.

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Through more than 40 years of steady technological and market development, TPC Mechatronics Corp. has secured its position as the largest Korean manufacturer of pneumatic equipment, a key part of factory automation. Adding on the motion control, 3D printing, and collaborative robots businesses over the years.

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