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The Original Pancake® air cylinder was designed in 1958, by Alfred W. Schmidt, the founder of Fabco-Air, Inc. Fabco-Air originally opened for business in Cleveland, Ohio, and then later moved to Gainesville, Florida in 1970. The facility in Gainesville has expanded to more than 61,000 sq. ft and encompasses all facets of business: engineering, technical support, customer service, production, assembly, and more.


Today, over 6 decades later, the Original Pancake® air cylinder from Fabco-Air, Inc., is still the leader in the compact air cylinder market. The Original Pancake® air cylinder line is often imitated, but never matched regarding features, options, quality, strength, appearance, and longevity. In addition to the Original Pancake® air cylinder, Fabco-Air now offers a complete line of pneumatic products, i.e., air preparation (filters-regulators-lubricators), slidesgrippersrotary actuatorscrimpersvalves, and a comprehensive line of air cylinders.



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