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Canfield Connector was founded in 1977 in a garage in Canfield, Ohio reselling German solenoid air valves to Volkswagen. In 1980 we introduced the first DIN 43650 style solenoid valve operator, as well as mating solenoid valve connectors to the North American solenoid valve market Lighted solenoid valve connectors soon followed in 1981.B y the mid 80's, the Canfield brand had become synonymous with German quality product coupled with US innovation. 


For over 30 years, the team at Precise Automation has revolutionized the automation industry. Beginning with the development of the PUMA robot, continuing through the founding and growth of Adept Technology and now with the production of the first full line of industrial collaborative robots, motion controllers that can fit in the palm of your hand and vision software that is easy to use and to integrate, the Precise Automation team continues to develop technology that helps you Automate with Ease.


Aries Engineering Co., Inc. is a diversified manufacturer of "hydra-pneumatic" cylinders and presses designed for use in a wide range of assembly and forming applications. After pioneering new technology in air/oil intensification in 1994, AEC has grown to offer a complete range of assembly and forming solutions for customers in the industrial automation, manufacturing, commercial, and defense industries.

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